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Technician or Technologist?

The difference lies in the depth of their education and in the level of their technical responsibility. 

Technologists have studied more advanced courses in math, engineering theory and scientific principles, and have usually completed a two- or three-year university or college program, or equivalent. This advanced knowledge allows them to work in:
  • problem solving
  • design
  • data interpretation
  • complex troubleshooting
  • preparation of specifications
  • scheduling
  • planning
  • analysis
  • project management
  • decision making
  • Many technologists move into more advanced level of applied science/engineering and management as their careers progress.
For professionals with two years of technical experience you may be fully certified and if you have not completed two years of experience then you may be certified as an associate.

Certified Technologist application 

Certified Technologist profile 

View the detailed instructions (PDF file) for the detailed instructions regarding applying online at Technology Registrations Canada.

Technicians are specialists with an education suited to jobs that require expert knowledge in particular tasks, such as:

  • troubleshooting
  • inspection
  • servicing
  • manufacturing
  • testing
  • sampling
  • repair
  • installation
  • maintenance
  • basic design or operations
  • Their training programs are generally between one and two years in length and stress practical skills.

For professionals with two years of technical experience. All applicants for C.Tech. must be graduates of a applied science, engineering or information technology technician program.

Certified Technician application 

Certified Technician profile 

Canada’s technicians and technologists are key members of the country’s technical community. They can be found in nearly every facet of business, industry and government and are often regarded as the “backbone” of an organization.

Their combination of focused theoretical knowledge and finely tuned practical abilities has led to a strong demand for their skills across Canada and around the world. Certified technicians and technologists enjoy excellent salaries, high rates of employment and a great deal of respect from other professionals. They are the heart of Canada’s technology sector.

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