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INTERprovincial transfers


TechNova is a self-governing professional association of over 2,500 applied science and engineering technologists and technicians. Many of the TechNova-registered Technology Professionals were educated in Canada and many others acquired their primary technology education in another country.

In Canada we have many different designations. Nova Scotia differentiates between engineering and applied science so there are two designations one for Certified Engineering Technologists CET and one for Applied Science Technologists AScT.  When you transfer your current designation will be checked to verify what designation will apply to you when you transfer to NS. For provinces that use PTech we will also be able to transfer to one of the NS designations based on your education.

Transfer process

Below are steps required to become a certified member of TechNova including some resource materials.

  1. Click here  for more information regarding the application process for interprovincial transfers.

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